Our president

It is my great honor to begin my term as President of the Board of Directors of the Orange Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (ODCCW). I am looking forward to when we can gather once again. Since the Covid 19 shut down in March, we have not had the opportunity to have a general gathering. We truly miss our members. I have continually prayed over these past few months for the safety of our members, families and country.

I am excited about the new direction, vision and growth of this ministry. All Catholic women of Orange County are welcomed to participate and join us on the journey.

I cannot do this task alone. I am blessed to have my new 2020-2022 Executive Board. They are teaching mentors and these women Love the Lord. They reflect His love in their lives, they are caring and loving, good listeners and faithful to this ministry. They bring fresh ideas, leadership and will stay on target with our mission statement.

ODCCW is blessed to have as our Spiritual Advisor Father Scott Borgman and we look forward to his guidance and wisdom.

This ministry is the best kept secret of Orange County, however with me at the helm, it will no longer be a secret. I plan to take this ministry to the next level, with God’s guidance, wisdom and fortitude.

With the launch of our new website this year, we have the opportunity to reach many more prospective members to join this ministry. With the new Executive Board in place, the sky is the limit.

With God by my side, I can accomplish the task He has set before me. I promised I would serve Him for the rest of my life and that is what I intend to do. I look forward to our conferences, gatherings, spirituality, leadership, and service which is part of our mission statement and vision for the future.

I look forward to when we can gather again. In the meantime, you are all in my prayers. Stay safe and healthy, and may God continue to bless ODCCW, our members and families.

The ODCCW mission statement:
“To promote among our Catholic Women a greater devotion to Christ and the church, as we share the Blessed Mother’s role of bringing others to Christ, through spirituality, leadership and service”.

Susan Navarrete, President
ODCCW 2020-2022