What we do

ODCCW strives to support our communities. As mature, faith-filled women it is imperative we stay true to our mission statement of “Spirituality, Leadership and Service.

“God destined us in love to be his daughters through Jesus Christ” (Ephesians :5)

  • We keep members informed of Diocese events

Roman Catholic Diocese Of Orange Website

  • We update members on issues from NCCW
  • Pro-Life,
  • Legislation,
  • Human Trafficking,
  • Domestic Violence,
  • Elderly Abuse, and more
  • Donations – We support various groups
  • Caterina’s Kitchen, to provide warm meals, affordable housing assistance, and job training to homeless and low-income families throughout Southern California.
    Caterina’s Club Website
  • Teddy bears for “Get on the Bus” is a program of The Center for Restorative Justice Works, a non-profit organization that unites children, families, and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system.
    Get On The Bus Website
  • Water for Life’s mission is to help communities in need to develop safe and sustainable water sources. By combining formal instruction with hands-on training, we teach people how to construct and maintain their own local water resources.
    Water For Life Website
  • Precious Life Shelter is an emergency, transitional, and single parent efficiency program providing a safe environment for the pregnant woman with no place to live
    Precious Life Shelter Website
  • The Culture Project dedicated to addressing critical human rights issues by creating and supporting artistic work that amplifies marginalized voices.
    Culture Project Website